OSEP Memorandum: Dispute Resolution under IDEA Part B

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) issued a memorandum to Chief State School Officers and State Directors of Special Education on July 22, 2013, regarding the Dispute Resolution Procedures under the IDEA Part B.  The purpose of the memorandum was to introduce and disseminate an updated question and answer document related to IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution Procedures.  The accompanying question and answer document consists of five sections: mediations; State complaint procedures; due process complaints and due process hearing procedures; resolution process; and expedited due process hearings.  The memorandum and attached question and answer document is available at http://idea.ed.gov or:

To review the memorandum and Q&A documents, please visit the links below.

OSEP Memorandum on Dispute Resolution Procedures under Part B of the IDEA

OSEP Question and Answer Document on Dispute Resolution Procedures under Part B of the IDEA)