About the Bureau Bulletin

The Bureau Bulletin is a publication of the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), Division of Family and Student Support Services (DFSSS), Bureau of Special Education (BSE). It is designed to offer all of the BSE’s constituents information and updates related to the free, appropriate public education for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Connecticut Administrators of Special Education automatically receive a monthly electronic publication via e-mail, however they may also subscribe to receive each individual bulletin article as posted or all articles published on a weekly basis prior to the monthly publication. Also, any member of the public may access the bulletin at any time by visiting http://ctspecialednews.org.

The Bureau Bulletin is primarily intended to be an electronic medium with hypertext navigation capabilities. However, the bulletin has also been designed for easy readability when printed as a hard copy and all portions are Section 508 compliant.

Informational categories are tabbed for quick and easy access of specific information while each article is also tagged for indexing and archiving. A quick click on any tab reveals the most recently posted article titles. This handy information can also be easily viewed as an ongoing list on the right side of each bulletin page. Articles are written by CSDE consultants and include the author’s contact information whenever applicable. Therefore, readers not only have the capability of easily reviewing the latest titles or performing searches of current and past topics, but may also choose to contact the author of a bulletin article addressing their chosen topic for further discussion.

A prominent Mark Your Calendars section offers upcoming dates of importance. This is an excellent source of information to ensure timely and accurate compliance with state data collections as well. As you refer to this section for specific events and professional development opportunities, the Bureau Bulletin’s Home Page becomes a key resource for staying up to date on Special Education with a focus on what is happening in Connecticut.

You may contact the editor of the Bureau Bulletin at:

Jay A. Brown, Education Consultant
CT State Department of Education
Bureau of Special Education
P.O. Box 2219
Hartford, CT 06145-2219

PH –   (860) 713-6918
FAX – (860) 713-7051

E-mail – jay.brown@ct.gov

A note about subscribing to email updates from this blog.
Readers may choose to subscribe to the Bureau Bulletin via email in order to receive updates immediately as they are posted. You will also, however, receive a monthly reminder along with the Bulletin’s web link to review any new materials that have been posted.

These updates are sent by a system independent of the one used to publish the Bulletin, and must be sent by the Bureau of Special Education in order to meet disclosure regulation.