If your district has not yet posted information about the Sparker app on your website we strongly encourage you to do so. Information about what to post and links to Sparkler resources can be found at  under the Sparkler heading. 

If you are encouraging the use of the Sparkler app as part of your LEAs child find activities the following message from the folks at Sparkler will tell you more about how the LEA can utilize information from this free app. 

From the folks at Sparkler:

We are reaching out to share a brand new training video we created to help you learn more about how to use Sparkler’s web-based dashboard to access data and engage with the families you serve. It’s a short webinar (less than 20 minutes), which will give you and your colleagues tips on how program administrators can:

  • Monitor family engagement and screening results
  • Download family-friendly screening reports
  • Download CSV files to track and analyze data
  • Use Sparkler’s messaging system to send messages to individual families or to groups of families you serve

This is the first of our new series of training videos, which we hope will be a useful refresher to those of you who have been using Sparkler for a while as well as an introduction to those of you who are brand new to our community.

You can find this and other resources on our website at under the Information for Educators/Provider section.
Please look out for more emails from the Sparkler team with information about future training sessions and learning communities.

Please feel free to share this with members of your team who you think could benefit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out