Free Webinars on Play, Relationships, and Supporting Positive Behaviors – Early Childhood Education

The CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is pleased to announce several webinars designed to support new staff or interns with some basics about child development, including the importance of play, relationships, and supporting positive behaviors.  These sessions are offered by the Erikson Institute, in conjunction with their Town Square project.  There will be three different sessions offered, each with two opportunities to participate in a live webinar and an opportunity to access a self-paced session. 

This is a great opportunity for programs bringing on new staff or bringing in high school or college interns for the summer!  Note that these webinars do not count toward the required Care 4 Kids Health and Safety Orientation Training.  Those attending the live sessions will receive email confirmation of participation that could count toward the licensing requirement for professional development.   

Registration information is included on the flyer.