Early Intervention Over Three

As you may have heard, there has been an executive order that now allows parents of young children who turn 3 on or after May 1st to choose to have their child continue to receive early intervention services through Birth to Three until the beginning of the school year.


Although moving forward this option will be available for children with birthdays on or after May 1st, the executive order was not effective until this week.  As a result for this summer only, children who turn 3 on or after May 21st are eligible for early intervening services over three.

Please have all staff who are involved in the B23 to PreK special education transition process review the training video.

Also, access the supporting documents which are available at  https://www.birth23.org/providers/provider-resources/procedures/ (located under the heading  NEW!  Interim Exit-Transition (EIS Over 3), Overview Video, Flowchart). 

If there are any questions please email them to Andrea Brinnel at andrea.brinnel@ct.gov .  All questions will be added to the FAQs which will be available soon on both the SDE and B23 website.