Early Intervention Services Over Three – High Importance!

As you may have heard, there has been an executive order that allows young children with 3rd birthdays on or after May 1st  to continue to  receive early intervention services through Birth to Three until the beginning of the school year IF THEIR FAMILY CHOOSES. 


Although moving forward this option will be available for children with birthdays on or after May 1st, the executive order was not effective until May 20, 2021.  As a result for this summer only, children with 3rd birthdays after May 20th are eligible for this option.

Please have all staff involved in the transitions from B23 to PreK special education review the Interim Exit Transition Procedures (EIS Over 3)   and three related forms (5.5) posted on the Birth to Three website.  If there are any questions please email them to Andrea Brinnel at andrea.brinnel@ct.gov .  All questions will be added to the FAQs that will be posted soon.  Additionally, there will be an EI Over 3 training video that will be posted shortly.  A link to the video will be sent out as soon as it is available.

Please know that there has been no change to the LEA responsibility to offer FAPE at 3 and that this option is available only to children who are found eligible for IDEA Part B and have birthdays on or after May 1st (May 21 this year only). The family is able to make an informed choice when they have both an IFSP and the IEP to consider.  If a child meets the criteria for ESY the LEA must develop an IEP for ESY and the family may choose this option.  Neither Part B nor Part C should exert influence over the family’s choice but should provide all the information necessary for the parent to make an informed decision.  The Birth to Three provider, with parental permission, will provide the LEA with a copy of the completed EIS Over 3 Consent form.

Thank you for making sure that your staff is aware of this new option.