Take Advantage if You Have a Subscription to The NEAT Center at Oak Hill!

For the 2020-21 school year, the BSE has provided LEAs (by cohort identification) across CT with access to The NEAT Center at Oak Hill in a variety of ways.  Each of the LEA cohorts have access to unique Assistive Technology (AT) services either through a comprehensive subscription or engaging membership, at no cost. 

For more information, visit https://assistivetechnology.oakhillct.org/sde-subscription/ .

Sign up today for “Packing a Punch with AT: Getting the most out of your AT resources and supports!” This is a free, 2-hour webinar that will get you started with your subscription, build your AT capacity and review important resources for your team/district.

Available webinar slots (pick one) for any cohort member include:

September 23rd, October 2nd & October 15th from

10am – 12pm.

NEAT believes the most sustainable quality assurance plan is one that grows organically within each school district. During this webinar we will discuss how to increase fidelity and utilize best practice for assistive technology (AT) supports. We will also cover the latest AT trends and implementation strategies for the classroom and for remote learning.  There will be time for questions regarding NEAT membership and subscriptions: Cohort A and C have been provided a Subscription which allows for additional AT services to the Membership.  Cohort B has been provided a NEAT Membership this school year will be introduced to their Subscription in the year 2021-22.