Early Childhood Outcome (ECO) and the Brigance

The Connecticut State Department of Education will continue to use the Brigance IED-II (2004) for the 2013-2014 school year.  School districts wishing to order additional “Developmental Record Books” should contact the publisher, Curriculum Associates by phone through their toll-free number.  Districts should:

  1. identify that they are calling from a school district in Connecticut; and
  2. state that they are ordering the Brigance IED-II (2004) edition for the purpose of collecting data for the early childhood outcome (ECO) requirement.

Curriculum Associates staff are aware that Connecticut will be continuing to use the Brigance IED-II (2004) version for the next school year.   Any district that wishes to order the Brigance IED-III (2013) for reasons and purposes other than ECO can certainly do so.

Please ensure that appropriate staff members in the school district are notified and that the July 1, 2013 correspondence to Connecticut public school administrators, which may be accessed below, is shared as appropriate.  Questions can be directed to Maria Synodi at maria.synodi@ct.gov or at 860-713-6941.

July 1, 2013 correspondence:

The BRIGANCE® IED II (2004) and the Early Childhood Outcome (ECO)