LRE Requirements and Transition Work Placements

Recently, the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, in response to a letter of inquiry, issued informal guidance related to the applicability of LRE requirements under IDEA to transition work placements.

This informal guidance addressed six questions:

  1. Is the IEP Team required to include work placement in a transition-aged student’s IEP?
  2. Is the IEP Team required to provide parents with “notice of placement” when determining a student’s work placement?
  3. Can segregated work be considered an appropriate outcome, particularly with appropriate assessment in a LRE before such a placement occurs?
  4. Is the LEA required to provide supplemental aids and services to allow the student to participate in the least restrictive work placement possible?
  5. How must LRE work placements be monitored?
  6. Are states required to consider a student’s work placement when they report the number of students participating in regular education?

You may review the entire document by viewing the attachment below.

OSEP LRE Transition Work Placement Informal Guidance